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Moving Down the Hall

The following is a guest post by Dr. Jane McAuliffe, Director of The John W. Kluge Center. Although I have been the Director of The John W. Kluge Center for only two weeks, I came into this position with definite advantages – familiarity and proximity. For the last year, I have been resident in the […]

A Fun Tradition — And a Room Full of Discoveries

Last week I presided over one of my favorite Kluge Center traditions: our annual orientation for Wilson Center scholars to the Library of Congress. I enjoy it because despite being seasoned academics from across the U.S. and around the world, Wilson Center scholars are sometimes surprised at the riches available to them right down Pennsylvania […]

Law Enforcement, Psychiatrists, and the Racialization of Drug Addiction in Postwar America

Washington University in St. Louis historian Sonia Song-Ha Lee, who regularly teaches classes about the civil rights movement, recalls being struck by the discrepancy between triumphant accounts of the history of desegregation and the more sobering realities of present day mass incarceration in the United States. The Sentencing Project estimates that 2.2 million individuals are presently […]

A Tenuous But, To Me, Meaningful Tie to Kazakhstan

One of the things I love about working with the Fellows at the Kluge Center is that I am constantly learning new things. Recently, for example, I was speaking with Richard Bater, from Kings College London, who was here on an Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellowship. Richard’s thesis concerns water and the relationship of […]

History, Discovery and Analogy: Steven Dick Talks with C-SPAN’s American History TV About Discovering Life in the Universe

In a new video interview with C-SPAN’s American History TV, Kluge Center astrobiology chair Steven Dick explains how history, discovery, and analogy may be useful frameworks for approaching the problem of what societal reactions may be to the discovery of life beyond Earth. Dick has spent the past year at the Library of Congress as […]

September’s New Scholars at the Kluge Center

On the first Monday of each month, the Kluge Center welcomes new scholars from any of our numerous chair and fellowship programs. The day consists of an orientation, setting up new residents in their work areas, and an informal new scholar’s lunch. These are busy days, and this month’s was no exception. There are new […]

On Microbes and Planets: Our Second Astrobiology Symposium Recapped

Last week’s astrobiology symposium, a part of our NASA/Library of Congress astrobiology program, was a feast of ideas and perspectives. I won’t attempt to summarize the entire event here. The conference proceedings will eventually be published as a volume, and the full webcast will be available on the Library of Congress and the NASA Astrobiology Institute websites […]