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Muriel Rukeyser and the Spanish Civil War

Poet and biographer Muriel Rukeyser documented and commented on the seismic events of the 20th century. In her five decades of writing, she captured her experiences as witness to racial inequality in America, the Civil War in Spain, and protests against the Vietnam War. Sarah Chadfield, Ph.D. candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, conducted research in […]

The Best of our Blog 2014

Finish 2014 with some of the best posts from our new blog, “Insights.” Don’t forget to keep up with the Kluge Center in real time by following us on Twitter: @KlugeCtr. From all of us at the Center, our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. From our blog: In an interview, Astrobiology […]

Saying Farewell to a Dear Friend

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Mann is our colleague here at the Library of Congress and recently he announced that, after thirty-three years, he will retire in January 2015. All the former researchers whom he has helped as well as this blogger and the rest of the Kluge Center staff will miss him dearly. Most days you […]

A Historical Perspective on the Cuba-U.S. Relationship

Historian Renata Keller recently spent nine months at the Kluge Center researching Cuba’s relationship with Mexico and the United States during the Cold War. She spoke with Program Specialist Jason Steinhauer about the announcement that the U.S. and Cuba will begin to normalize relations between the two countries. Hi Renata, thanks for speaking to us. […]

Kinship and Scholarship: A Librarian and Scholar Find Books and Each Other

Astrobiologist David Grinspoon and science librarian Margaret “Peg” Clifton have such an easy rapport that all I had to do was ask an initial question, and the two proceeded to speak for 30 minutes–finishing each other’s sentences along the way. The two reflect on their relationship forged at the Library of Congress that helped Grinspoon […]

Charlotte Rogers, Kluge Fellow, on Manaus, the World Cup, and Contemporary South American Fiction

The city of Manaus, Brazil, was in the news this past summer as the site of a USA-Portugal World Cup match. Depicted on television and in print as a “jungle city” and “heart of the Amazon,” its intense heat and remote location have captured popular imagination. Charlotte Rogers, a Kluge Fellow at The John W. […]

Václav Havel: Legacies

On November 19, The John W. Kluge Center, The Embassy of the Czech Republic, and Florida International University remembered Václav Havel’s influence and legacy in a private conference at the Library of Congress. The event was immediately followed by the dedication of a bust of President Havel in the U.S. Capitol. Havel twice was a […]

New Scholars at the Kluge Center – November 2014

November was a busy month for the Library and the Kluge Center, with a number of major events including the Gershwin Prize, the opening of the Magna Carta exhibit, and a celebration of the legacy of Vaclav Havel. During this period, The Kluge Center also welcomed four new residents, including our incoming Kissinger Chair as […]