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What Exactly is In Custodia Legis?

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In Custodia Legis is Latin for in the custody of the law.  One role of the Law Library of Congress is to be a custodian of law and legislation.  As part of this, our team of bloggers covers current legal trends, collecting for the largest law library in the world, a British perspective, a perspective from New Zealand, developments and enhancements in THOMAS, and cultural intelligence and the law. You can read about all five of us who will be contributing on the About page.

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We’ll be accepting moderated comments from readers, of course, governed by rules of respectful, civil discourse and appropriateness. Play nice!  Those rules are part of a policy the Library of Congress adopted to guide the creation of the other audience-specific blogs and social media.  Similar to what goes on over at our Facebook page.

You can subscribe to In Custodia Legis by RSS and email.

Blogs are among the important born-digital content that is being saved and preserved in perpetuity under the Library’s National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.  The Law Library has been a curator of legal blogs working since 2007 to archive more than one hundred legal blogs.

We hope to have a lot of fun keeping you entertained and informed!

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  1. this blog is very interesting

  2. The image on this page doesn’t appear for me. Is it just my browser causing the problem?

    • Not sure what the issue was. It should work now.

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