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After the success of my Guide to Law Online blog post, I decided to draw some attention to other areas of the Law Library’s website that users may not be that familiar with.

Current Legal Topics is a guide that provides legal commentary and recommended resources on issues and events with legal significance. New content generated by the Law Library is added to this page on a regular basis.  I thought I’d highlight some of the different kinds of materials that you might find here.

Individual country reports provided through Current Legal Topics are more in-depth than Global Legal Monitor articles.  Typically, GLM articles are 2-3 paragraphs on new legal developments in a particular country.  We have previously written two posts about GLM. Within the Current Legal Topics, some individual country reports are on Australian terrorism laws, highlights of the parliamentary report regarding the burqa in France, a legal bibliography of Haiti, and the Saddam Hussein Trial in Iraq.

There are also in-depth multinational reports, covering such topics as “Children’s Rights” and “Sex Selection & Abortion.”  These reports provide analysis of a subject in multiple countries.  For example, the Children’s Rights report analyzes the national and international laws and practices of such countries as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

The “Commemorative Observations” section provides commentary and recommended resources for selected national observances and commemorative months, including African American History Month; Law Day; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month; and National American Indian Heritage Month.

There is also information about some of the rare book collections within the Law Library of Congress, such as “Abraham Lincoln and the Law” and “John Adams and the Boston Massacre Trial of 1770.”

I hope you take the time to explore the page and find something useful!

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