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The Law Library of Congress Strategic Plan Released

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The following is a guest post by Roberta Shaffer, Law Librarian of Congress.  The complete Law Library of Congress Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2011-2016 is available in PDF.

The Law Library is proud to present its 2011–2016 Strategic Plan.  We have taken the overall goals set out in the Library of Congress Strategic Plan as our inspiration and guide.  Through our strategies, we seek to leverage and support the Library and our sibling service units’ strengths by setting realistic, but ambitious, goals for ourselves.  Although this strategic plan covers a discrete period of time, it is designed to position the Law Library for the long-term.  While we have pronounced this plan as “final,” we realize that the best approach is to be agile and innovative.  We believe that this plan allows us to be just that.

The strategic planning team members were selected from among Law Library staff to help assure that the ultimate plan would incorporate a diversity of perspectives.  However, in order to mitigate inevitable gaps in knowledge and have everyone start with a shared knowledge base, the team was given a substantial reading list well in advance of its first meeting.  Readings were selected to be informative, thought-provoking, and present a wide variety of ideas.   This approach really helped to expedite the entire strategic planning process.

We must specifically acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the Strategic Planning Team:

We also take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the insightful and informative comments on the several iterations of this document that we received from colleagues, collaborators, supporters, and friends from across the Library and the globe.

Thank you for your careful consideration of our strategic plan and for helping us to achieve our goals in serving the Congress and our many other constituencies.

P.S.  For those curious about where the image in the Pic of the Week ‘A Glimpse of Law in the Jefferson Building’ comes from, see page 32 of our Strategic Plan.  It’s in the east corridor of the Jefferson Building’s Great Hall.


  1. Thank you for informing this.I am agree with this law.I am happy to hear about the relase of The Law Library of Congress Strategic Plan .

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