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Maps for Everyone! – Pic of the Week

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I had never really looked at the map in my office until Andrew pointed it out one day. I was surprised at how old it was! And how small the territory of the United States was! I thought I’d share with you images from it. For those that are curious, yes, it appears we all have maps in our offices. Do you?

A map of the world with Captain Cook’s tracks, Laurie & Whittle, May, 1794.

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  1. I have great map of Washington, D.C. with all of the neighborhoods!

  2. Christine,

    I selected that map for my office. You know your office is my old office. I love maps and globes.

    I hope you like it.


  3. I have at least five antique maps im my office:
    *Ortelius – World Map 1575
    *Braun & Hogenberg – Sevilla 1578
    *Faden – Battle of Bennington 1778
    *Map of Spaom
    *Map of Syria

    Love them all !!

  4. Andrew – could you post a photo of your DC map?

  5. i have a print of this map can you advise me of its value

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