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Earthquake! – Pics of the Week

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There was some interest on our Facebook page about how the earthquake affected the Law Library of Congress.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much damage.  I thought a few pictures were in order.

One of the first items I came across Wednesday morning was The Constitution and the Supreme Court opened on the floor:

There were only a few other items I noticed on the floor in the Law Library Reading Room as I took an early morning tour.

Kelly’s office (which made its blog debut in a previous Pic of the Week) had a few more items fall.

Her shadow puppet from Malaysia, representing Rama, fell to the ground.  The bag that fell over is a kete, a traditional Maori flax basket. The fan that fell over is from Samoa.

Also, the calendar on the floor has pictures of New Zealand landscapes.  Did I mention she has one of the best decorated offices?

I also noticed this crack in the drywall in the stairs.  So after a lot of shaking books (followed by a quick trip to daycare to check on my daughter), everything is back to normal.

For information on being prepared for disasters, Jennifer wrote a great post on Inside AdamsEarthquakes, Hurricanes, and Other Natural Disaster.

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  1. Yes it was quite interesting experiencing the earthquake while at the LC! I am glad the damage was minor for people, books and structures.
    Next up: Irene…

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