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Legislative Status Steps – Pic of the Week

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Sometimes the legislative process is a little more confusing than I’m Just a Bill.  As Margaret mentioned in The Curious History of the 2011 Debt Ceiling Legislation earlier this week, sometimes the legislative process takes interesting turns.  Christine also blogged about the unique situation of vehicle bills.  The poster below details the various status steps legislation can take, including Introductory, Committee, Discharge, Calendar, Floor, Conference, and Presidential Steps.

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Comments (8)

  1. Who made this wonderful poster?

    • This is what it says at the bottom right of the poster:

      Committee on House Administration
      Wayne L. Hays, Chairman
      Prepared by House Information Systems Staff
      Frank B. Ryan, Director

      Also, on the bottom left it has a date:

      Current as of November 1974

  2. How can we get a copy of that poster for our U.S. history and government classes?

    I can’t read all of it in the photo — but from my experience staffing the Senate for a decade or so, that chart beats others that are available.

    What program was used to create it? Could you make it available for download?

  3. yo solo veo una turbina turbo fan de un 747

  4. After looking at this poster I would say making sausages is easier but just as messy.

  5. Is this poster up in a location where a member of the public could photograph it? And if so, where?

    • No, the poster isn’t hanging in a public location. Sorry!

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