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This year the Law Library of Congress will be represented at the National Book Festival!  We will be in the Library of Congress Pavilion (near the 7th Street end of the Festival) to talk with visitors about how we can help people connect with Congress.  There will be two tables with laptops so you can learn more about THOMAS and the Law Library while talking to some of our staff.  We will rotate through shifts with Margaret, Christine, Matt, Debbie, Emily, and me available for questions and discussion during the now two day festival.  We are honored to talk about how we serve the Congress and for the public at the National Book Festival, which is hosting 112 authors

In addition to our presence in the tent for the duration of the Festival, we will give two presentations, also in the Library of Congress Pavilion.  The first is on Saturday, September 24th at 11:40 a.m.  I am going to talk about “THOMAS Takeaways for the Curious and Concerned Citizen:  How To Easily Access FREE Legislative Information at the Library of Congress.”

The following day, September 25th at 4:00 p.m., Nathan, Rare and Special Collections Librarian and fellow blogger, will present “The Timelessness of Law: 18th Century Legal Philosophy in the 21st Century.”

What are some good ways to Connect with Congress?

Our Connect with Congress tables will be near the #NatBookFest Twitter Wall.  Come visit us and then see your tweets about the event!

Update: Staff from NDIIPP will be in the Library of Congress Pavilion too.  Learn more from their blog, The Signal.

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