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The War Powers Resolution

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As Andrew has previously mentioned, we frequently analyze web metrics to see which Law Library of Congress web pages are the most viewed. In addition, I have mentioned the Current Legal Topics page before in writing about the finding aids available on the Law Library website. A page that has recently been getting a lot of views in Current Legal Topics is a resource guide to the War Powers Act.

The guide provides an introduction to research on the War Powers Resolution, Public Law 93-148, 87 Stat. 555, passed over President Nixon’s veto on November 7, 1973. The War Powers Resolution is sometimes referred to as the War Powers Act, which is its title in the version passed by the Senate. This Joint Resolution is codified in the United States Code (“USC”) in Title 50, Chapter 33, Sections 1541-48.

The War Powers guide includes an overview of the law, which breaks the War Powers Resolution down into parts, explains each part, and gives examples of the Resolution’s effect on the deployment of U.S. armed forces. The guide also covers related Constitutional provisions, legislation, judicial decisions, Congressional Hearings, Congressional Documents, books, journal articles and reports, and other resources. If you ever have a question concerning war powers, this guide would be a great place to start.

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