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The Supreme Court and the Library – Pic of the Week

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One thing that has not been conveyed in our pictures to date is just how close the Supreme Court of the United States is to the Library of Congress.  Christine’s historic bird’s eye view post provides an overhead shot of the area.  This week’s Pic of the Week shows the back of the Supreme Court Building with the dome of the Jefferson Building in the background.

We also work with some of the librarians at the Supreme Court (who occasionally send us cupcakes!).  Clare just interviewed Judy Gaskell, the former Librarian of the Supreme Court who is currently volunteering here at the Law Library of Congress.  Judy previously presented to Law Library staff for one of our Power Lunches.

We occasionally have Supreme Court-related events, such as the Wickersham Awards Ceremony with retired Justice John Paul Stevens and our Constitution Day event with Dahlia Lithwick who spoke on the topic of “The Supreme Court and Free Speech.”

You can’t quite read it all, but across the back of the Supreme Court, it says, “Justice the Guardian of Liberty.”

If you are researching the Supreme Court, the Law Library Reading Room is a Supreme Court Depository Library (there are about 10 around the country).   Outside of the Supreme Court Library, we have the most comprehensive collection of the Supreme Court Records and Briefs, dating back to 1832.


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