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Law Library’s Love of Libraries – Pic of the Week

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In flipping through the Pic of the Week posts, I noticed that we have also had a lot of photos of libraries from around the world.  We do love libraries here at the Law Library of Congress!  We seem to be drawn to them whether we are at home, work, on vacation, or even on a honeymoon.

Here are all of our library shots in one place for your virtual viewing and touring pleasure. Each picture links back to the original post with more information about the specific library.  What’s your favorite library?

British Library
Hucknall Free Library, UK
Marsh’s Library, Ireland
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Library of Parliament of Canada
National Library of Sweden
Uzbekistan National Library
New Zealand Parliamentary Library
San Marino National Library

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  1. Nice tour of world libraries. Thanks!

  2. I think that it is the splendid library of all the countries of the world.
    What kind of collection of books is there in the library?
    I want to know this information, too.

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