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All around the Reading Room – Pic of the Week

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I had a lot of fun looking back at pictures of libraries on the blog recently.  Our Pic of the Week series has had a lot of great shots.  There have been over 75 of these posts since we started the series.  We frequently post pictures of the Law Library of Congress Reading Room because we want you to be familiar with it before you make your first visit.  Each picture below is linked to its original post where you can find out more about what we do and where things are.

If the pictures aren’t enough, you can also watch our quick video introduction to the Reading Room.  Come visit us and see it all in person!

Beside the Desk
Ready Reference
Shelf with Black's Law
Books off Shelves
Shelves with Internet Law
Pneumatic Tubes behind Desk
Rare book presentation to the ABA.
Rare Books on Display
Microform Reading Room
Behind the Desk
Card Catalog
Card Catalog Discontinued Sign


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