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Name that plant! – Pic of the Week

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This summer the Architect of the Capitol is growing lovely plants like these in containers all over the Capitol campus. This one is right across the street from the Jefferson Building. Do you know what it is?

Planter across from the Thomas Jefferson Building
Planter across from the Thomas Jefferson Building

I’ll give you a few hints. 1) The stem is triangular in shape, not rounded like most plant stems. 2) These plants prefer marshy, wet ground and can be found along rivers and in shallow waterways. 3) It is not native to DC or North America. 4) The plant has historical importance to our work at the Library of Congress.

Here’s a closer view…

Close up of stems
Close up of the plant

Do you know what it is? Leave us a comment below. Otherwise, the answer can be found here.

Comments (6)

  1. papyrus. i had (and probably killed) one in a water garden once. nice plant!

  2. papyrus, Cyperus papyrus

  3. dandelion plant

  4. Papyrus! And what does LC have on that ancient medium?

  5. It’s papyrus! The Egyptians used it to make paper. I wonder whether it is easier to mash into paper than wood is.

  6. Is it an observatory?

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