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A Congress.gov Interview with Rich Larson, Information Technology Specialist

This week’s interview is with Rich Larson, an Information Technology Specialist within Information Technology Services (ITS).  This is the second in the new series of interviews that focus on Library of Congress staff who contributed to Congress.gov.  The first interview was with Meg. Describe your background. I am from Takoma Park, MD.  I went to Macalester College in St. […]

Sedition in England: The Abolition of a Law From a Bygone Era

Abolishing ancient laws in England is often no easy task.  A significant degree of research is involved before these laws are amended or abolished.  The research has to be particularly thorough to avoid one of the oldest – that of unintended consequences. The issue of thoroughly researching laws was demonstrated several years ago when the government was […]

Sedition Law in India

The following is a guest post by Tariq Ahmad, a Legal Analyst in the Global Legal Research Center of the Law Library of Congress.  British colonial era laws continue to have relevancy in the legal systems of India and Pakistan.  Ironically, a sedition law used by the British colonial government to suppress nationalist dissent in the […]