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April Top 10

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Some people really love lists.  They love to make them, love to look at them, love to check things off of them.  I like lists that can be used as a resource–as long as they’re not the sort that involve things to clean.

Minerva & her List. Source: Prints and Photographs Division

We publish a lot of great content each month here at the Law Library of Congress on In Custodia Legis.  Even for blogs I follow more regularly, it is easy to miss a post or two.  In that spirit, here is a list of our top ten most-viewed posts from April.

We posted twenty-four times in April to In Custodia Legis.  Here are the ones you’ve looked at the most:

  1. The Cyprus Banking Crisis and its Aftermath: Bank Depositors be Aware
  2. All Actions Added to (and Other Updates)
  3. Law Librarians and Immortal Glory – Pic of the Week
  4. In God We Trust
  5. Law Day Program Features U.S. Civil and Human Rights
  6. Official, Authenticated, Preserved, and Accessible: The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act
  7. Law Classification Added to Library of Congress Linked Data Service
  8. Asylum Law: A Beginner’s Guide
  9. Prisoner Letters to the Law Library of Congress
  10. Model of the United States Capitol – Pic of the Week

If you’ve already read everything on that list, thanks!  Be sure to check out our archives for any posts you might have missed.

Thanks for reading! Did you have a favorite post for the month?

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