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The World’s Legal Heritage in Great Subterranean Halls, or… A Collection Big with Babylonian Perspective

A walk through the stacks of the Law Library of Congress will give you a vivid sense, if you had ever wondered, of what more than a million books looks like.  Current statistics show that the Law Library houses 2.78 million physical volumes in its collection.  Nearly all of these are stored in four gigantesque […]

The First Feminist Congress of Mexico

The following blog post was a joint effort by Christina Turiano, Jeffrey Helm, and the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress.  March was Women’s History Month; but as Luis de Góngora y Argote would put it, “Fortune yields goods that are not yet writ: when whistles flutes, when flutes whistles.” The serendipitous act of such a rare find as this can […]

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation – Pic of the Week

Following Wednesday’s Law Day program, we were fortunate to have the first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, handwritten by President Abraham Lincoln, on display at the close of the program. The draft proclamation, which was first read by President Lincoln to his cabinet on July 22, 1862, is rarely displayed.  The remarkable document features President Lincoln’s […]

Law Library Provides Global Legal Research

The following article originally appeared in the April 26, 2013, edition of Library of Congress staff newsletter, The Gazette. Through timely, authoritative legal analysis, the Global Legal Research Directorate contributes to the Law Library of Congress’s services. The directorate covers a global legal perspective while simultaneously fulfilling the Law Library’s primary mission to provide members […]

April Top 10

Some people really love lists.  They love to make them, love to look at them, love to check things off of them.  I like lists that can be used as a resource–as long as they’re not the sort that involve things to clean. We publish a lot of great content each month here at the […]

May Commemorative Observances

A few years ago, the Law Library was asked to research and create web pages on commemorative observances. The project included identification of the laws which were passed and presidential proclamations which were issued to establish and annually observe these commemorations.  The relevant pages can be found on the Law Library’s website under “Legal Topics.” Over the past two […]

An Interview with Jeffrey Helm, Hispanic Division Intern

This week’s interview is with Jeffrey Helm.  Jeffrey is an intern at the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. Jeffrey came to the Library of Congress through the Hope College Washington Honors Semester program. During his internship he has been tasked with working on a second (and now third) iteration of the Hispanic Division’s Distant Neighbors:  […]