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Blog Team Meeting – Pic of the Week

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Have you ever wondered how the In Custodia Legis sausage is made?  Well, you are in luck.  Every month the blog team meets to develop what we call the “editorial calendar.”  The majority of the meeting is usually spent on handing out assignments to bloggers to generate content, including by looking at upcoming events and milestones, as well as on coordinating and scheduling posts.  Policy and other matters are also sometimes discussed.  The picture below shows this month’s meeting.

From left to right – Pamela Craig (one of our editors) and fellow bloggers Nathan, Donna, Kurt, Andrew, Margaret, Tina and Kelly.

If you are thinking that this seems like a small team, you would be right.  The members in the picture only represent about 50% of the entire In Custodia Legis team.  The rest are either participating in the meeting via teleconference or on leave, which is a perfect excuse for me to take another picture and make a Pic of the Week post out if it sometime in the future.

Feel free to make any suggestions for topics in the comments below.  We can then discuss them at our next meeting!

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  1. Aww, I miss you guys!! Great work!

  2. Dream Team!

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