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Second Library of Congress Legislative Data Challenge Launched

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Legislative XML Data Mapping Challenge

In July, the Library announced its first legislative data challenge. We are delighted to tell you about another Library of Congress legislative data challenge, Legislative XML Data Mapping.

Like the first data challenge, this challenge incorporates the Akoma Ntoso legislative schema, but instead of asking competitors to apply the schema to bill text, we are asking participants to map existing elements from US and UK bill XML to the most recent Akoma Ntoso schema. The challenge focuses on eight specific pieces of US and UK legislation, which use the US Legislative XML DTD or the UK’s Crown Legislation Markup Language schema. Again, our hope is to help advance the development of international exchange standards for legislative data and identify potential gaps in the Akoma Ntoso schema with respect to US and UK legislation.

The three judges working with us on the Markup of US Legislation in Akoma Ntoso challenge, Kirsten Gullickson, Monica Palmirani, and Fabio Vitali, will be judging the second challenge as well. In addition, we are very pleased to announce John Sheridan, Head of Legislation Services at the National Archives (UK), will also be serving as a judge for the Legislative XML Data Mapping challenge.

The challenge is open to participants 18 years of age or older until December 31, 2013. For the official rules and more detailed information about the challenge or to enter a submission, please visit The winner of the $10,000 prize will be announced on February 12, 2014.

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  1. U.S. & Uk bills are in coperative.: U.S. House of Representatives & UK House of Representatives have relations more like to other Houses all over the World.The Challenge could be very Intresting.

  2. 1 thing i have to say here is that U.S is the World House in which Bills are been passed from various Countries through the United Nations”but i discoverd that clerks to other Houses in other countries more concentrate on their local consistency & they lack understanding about World Legislative ;example ,clerk Nigeria House,their should be a world confrence for these clerks in the U.N given them lectures on what world Legislative is all about & knowing the values & how important USTR are to World.

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