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Law Library Reports Roundup: 2013

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During the month of December we often think back and take stock of events, debates, challenges, and achievements of the past year.  This year, various issues have received national attention, including debates on immigration reform, gun control, and issues relating to the handling of sexual offenses in the military.

Here at the Law Library of Congress, our foreign law specialists provide a foreign and comparative perspective on various legal issues and discussions.  Some of our reports cover a wide range of countries, and others relate to a particular legal issue that has been the subject of discussion in a single country.  In 2013, we published a number reports on topical issues on our website.  With the publication of most of our reports, we also introduced them through a blog post right here on In Custodia Legis.

Looking back on this year, we thought you might be interested in seeing a recap of the reports published on the Law Library’s website in 2013.  Here is the full list:


  1. Military Justice System: Adjudication of Sexual Offenses, covering Australia, CanadaGermany, Israel, and the United Kingdom, as well as a separate report on the military justice system in France.
  2. Regulations Concerning the Private Possession of Big Cats, covering twenty-one countries and the European Union.
  3. Citizenship Pathways and Border Protection, covering thirteen countries and the European Union.
  4. Points-Based Immigration Systems, covering Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  5. Guest Worker Programs, covering thirteen countries and the European Union.
  6. Wildlife Trafficking and Poaching, covering Botswana, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania.
  7. Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy, covering eighteen countries and the European Union.
  8. Participation of Victims of Terrorism in Criminal Appeals, Israel.
  9. Government Composition and Coalition Agreements, Israel.

You can read more foreign and comparative law reports on various other issues by going to the Current Legal Topics page on the Law Library’s website.  We will continue to publish similar reports on some of the issues of the day in 2014.  Stay tuned!

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