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Interview with Janice Hyde, Director of the Global Legal Collection

This week’s interview is with Janice Hyde, recently appointed as the first director of the Global Legal Collection Directorate.  Describe your background. I was born in the same town (Catskill, N.Y.) and delivered by the same doctor as my mother. I was raised in Owego, New York, which is so remote from the “Big Apple” […]

Law Library Reports Roundup: 2013

During the month of December we often think back and take stock of events, debates, challenges, and achievements of the past year.  This year, various issues have received national attention, including debates on immigration reform, gun control, and issues relating to the handling of sexual offenses in the military. Here at the Law Library of […]

“His Soul is Marching On!” – Pic of the Week

This post was co-authored by Barbara Bavis and Robert Brammer, Legal Reference Specialists. December 2nd marked the 154th anniversary of the execution of John Brown, an act which transformed John Brown into a martyr for the abolitionist movement and further inflamed the sectional tensions that would ignite the Civil War.  We previously featured the Jefferson […]

To Shop or to Stop?

I’m betting at least a few of our readers braved the Black Friday shopping crowds to get their hands on particular products at bargain prices.  You may have even ventured out to shop on Thanksgiving Thursday, with a number of stores deciding to open much earlier than in previous years.  Of course, as was widely […]

A Look inside the British Library

The following is a guest post by Tammie Nelson, project manager of Congress.gov and an Information Technology Specialist at the Library of Congress. Ever since I have been working at the Library of Congress, I have made it a practice to find and photograph the national library when I visit a new country. Judging by many of the Pics of […]