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The Wall of Wonderful Feedback – Pic of the Week

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I was at a meeting earlier this week where Jill MacNeice presented the results from a round of unmoderated testing.  During the presentation Jill showed this wall with responses to questions posed that included a heat map of where people clicked on  Based on hundreds of responses received, Jill was able to draw valuable conclusions regarding the preferences of the users, which we will be able to use to make the site better. Testing Feedback Wall (photo by Jill MacNeice) Testing Feedback Wall (photo by Jill MacNeice)

I wanted to share a couple of quick examples.  We learned that people love the tracker (which I like too).  What I didn’t know was that people frequently click on it.

A big request was an alert for anything that happens to a bill.  That’s a feature I want to see make its way to too.

What feedback do you have for our team?

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  1. I would like a spreadsheet/excel looking page with upcomming bills. I would be able to click a category and it would go to my representatives. I would also like it to be simple, like: approve disapprove dont know need more info


  2. This is a great site for getting nonpartisan information about Congressional actions and passed laws. In this era of partisan rancor, it is a bright light of honesty. I recommend to all with whom I am discussing government activity.

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