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Alaskan Tribes Added to the Indigenous Law Portal

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The Law Library of Congress Indigenous Law Portal Map of Alaska
The Law Library of Congress Indigenous Law Portal Map of Alaska

Alaska has now been added to the Indigenous Law Portal on As I mentioned last summer, the Indigenous Law Portal is a free resource that brings together digitized collection materials from the Law Library of Congress as well as links to tribal websites and primary source materials found on the web. We have added over 200 tribes with this update, and we will continue to add more.

Because of the number of tribes residing in Alaska, we have broken the geographic area up using the boundaries of the Alaska Native Regional Corporations established under Chapter 33 of Title 43 of the US CodeAhtnaAleutArctic SlopeBering StraitsBristol BayCalistaChugachCook InletDoyonKoniagNANA, and Sealaska.

We have also improved the linking across the portal, enhanced our alphabetical, region, and state index pages to make it easier to locate tribes and tribal information on the site, and created comprehensive regional tribal resource lists for each individual region in the portal. The portal continues to use the Library of Congress Law of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas classification schedule developed by Jolande Goldberg for its basic underlying structure, and we are adding and updating tribe names and organizations in the Library of Congress Name Authority File as we add each new region.

We hope you continue to find this resource useful, and we welcome your feedback and comments. We are planning to add laws and legal information about the Aboriginal peoples of Canada next, so we will be hard at work gathering information and building that part of the North American portal over the next few months.

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