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New Enhanced Global Legal Monitor Launched!

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We strive to bring you the best web experience possible.  Over time we have updated our homepage and our website, helped launch, and introduced the Indigenous Law Portal.  Today, I am happy to announce that there is a newly enhanced Global Legal Monitor (GLM).

The New Global Legal Monitor Homepage
The New Global Legal Monitor Homepage
The Updated "Browse All Jurisdictions" on the Global Legal Monitor on the left with article numbers vs. the former version on the right
The updated “Browse All Jurisdictions” on the Global Legal Monitor on the left with article numbers vs. the former version on the right

The Global Legal Monitor is managed by editors Connie Johnson and Wendy Zeldin.  They are also prolific authors who have each published more than 800 GLM articles.  They are two of the 40 authors who have contributed almost 4,500 articles to the Global Legal Monitor.

A lot of what has changed is behind the scenes, which will enable us to be more efficient in publishing articles for you.  Connie said that “this change will make our production process smoother and not change the type of material included in the GLM.”

The enhancements to the GLM are another example of the Law Library working hard for Congress and sharing the related content with everyone.

To find articles, the search form allows you to look by text, topic, jurisdiction, author, and date.  There are also multiple ways to browse the GLM articles:

Another feature of this update is that the three most recent articles will appear on the Law Library’s homepage,, similar to how In Custodia Legis posts appear.  We have also worked to ensure that old links for the Global Legal Monitor will redirect automatically to the new enhanced version.

We routinely provide updates about the Global Legal Monitor on this blog.  At the end of last year, Hanibal provided a Year in Review post that included the 15 most viewed articles.

This update also would not have been possible without a lot of IT assistance from Jim Tani.  He has provided us with a lot of terrific help over the years and also continues to do so with this blog.  He was instrumental in the migration to the new system and worked with Jennifer Gonzalez to get it nicely integrated into our website.

Let us know what you think about the enhanced Global Legal Monitor in the comment section below.

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