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Top 15 Articles from the Enhanced GLM

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globephotoThe Global Legal Monitor (GLM), one of the Law Library of Congress’s premier online sources, published 473 articles in 2015 covering legal developments from around the world on a variety of issues, particularly parliamentary acts and court decisions.

When writing for the Global Legal Monitor, we try to focus on issues that we believe will interest our readers.  One of the ways to gauge reader interest is by looking at which GLM articles attract the most traffic.  Statistics show that our readers are interested in a wide range of geographical and legal topics.  The following list presents, in order of popularity, the 15 most viewed GLM articles since the launch of the updated GLM:

  1. Georgia: New Visa and Migration Rules
  2. Burma: Four “Race and Religion Protection Laws” Adopted
  3. South Korea: Permanent Dual Nationality Allowed after 60 Years
  4. U.N. Human Rights Council: First Resolution on Internet Free Speech
  5. China: Maternity Leave Extended from 90 Days to 98 Days
  6. Bangladesh: Sixteenth Amendment to Constitution Empowers Parliament to Impeach Justices
  7. Saudi Arabia: Cyber-Crime Conviction
  8. India: New Anti-Corruption Law
  9. Spain: Bill on Dignified Death
  10. ASEAN; Indonesia: Regional Haze Agreement Ratified
  11. European Court of Human Rights: Decision on Gay Marriage in Italy
  12. OHADA: Revised Uniform Act on Companies
  13. Nigeria: Senate, House Approve Anti-Terrorism Bill
  14. Tanzania: Parliament Passes Non-Citizens Employment Act
  15. Australia: Former Student Wins Negligence Case Against School for Bullying

There are several ways to access the Global Legal Monitor articles.  You can do so by visiting the Law Library website, via email alerts, or subscribing to the RSS feeds.  In addition, you can get updates by following the Law Library Twitter account, @lawlibcongress, which often tweets links to GLM articles or by searching the hashtag #GlobalLegalMonitor.

We look forward to bringing you accurate and timely updates on global legal developments in 2016.

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