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Nothing Keeps Us Down – Pic of the Week

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Well, winter finally hit the D.C. metropolitan area. And it came with a bang. The temperatures on Tuesday morning dipped down into the teens with “feels like” temps in the single digits.

You’d think that on a day like that staff would stay indoors sipping hot tea or coffee while they work, and for the most part you’d be right.

However, as today’s “Pic of the Week” proves, not all of us are so fortunate.

Photos by Betty Lupinacci


Part of the work in Collection Services Division includes providing the Reading Room with current copies of Supreme Court documents.

Twice a week our technician, Aga Pukniel, treks over to the Court to get the latest briefs filed for the current term. Rain or shine (or bitter cold or high humidity, etc.) she heads off to pick up these documents that form an integral part of our collection.

(Left) Aga arriving in the Law Library Reading Room with Supreme Court briefs (above). To (badly) paraphrase the U.S. Postal Service motto: Neither snow nor rain nor heat stays this courier from the completion of her Supreme Court runs.










Hopefully, in a later post, we’ll show you the journey these documents take after Aga brings them safely back to the Library.

But in the meantime, please wish her nicer weather every Tuesday and Friday.

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