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Not Another Baseball Post – Pic of the Week

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For today’s Pic of the Week, the blog team asked me to do something in honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday (as if writing about baseball meant I’d enjoy doing a football post instead!).

So I went into our catalog and tried to find some interesting items that were not related to antitrust law.  Shying away as well from general sports law books, my options were much more limited.

Specifically related to the Super Bowl I found two Congressional hearings from 2014: one on preventing human trafficking at sporting events and another on mass gathering security (both of which can be requested in our recently renovated Reading Room)

Photo by Betty Lupinacci

[Not the lightest of subjects for a Friday post, but then I reasoned that football-related law books were never going to be akin to happy recitations of the glory days of the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers.]

And if you are so inclined, here are some other hearings specifically relating to the NFL:

Finally, for the Germanophiles in the audience we have the following thesis:

Even if the game’s a dud, you can still get your football fix!

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