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New Saved Search Email Alerts on

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thomas-retire-promoAfter announcing legislation, Members of Congress, and the Congressional Record email alerts last year, I began to see requests for saved search email alerts.  This is a feature that was not available on THOMAS that we are excited to now offer on

How do you get the new Saved Search Alerts?

  • Do you have a account? If not, create an account.
  • Do you have any Saved Searches? If so, click “Get alerts” next to the title and when the results set changes, you will get an email.

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    Sign In

That is a quick way to get Saved Search Alerts if you already have Saved Searches.  I have tested alerts and have some suggested steps to share if you are starting without Saved Searches.

  • To save time, first, make sure you are signed in (top right of the site).
Execute your search, refine with facets, and select “Save this Search.”
Name the search and click Save.
  • Set up a relatively well defined search.  I find it helpful to have a smaller results set.  This helps make it easier to see what changed since the last time you ran the search.  The facets are great to narrow to a manageable results set.
  • To get started, let’s create a Saved Search Alert for when proposed legislation becomes a law.  Do a blank search of Current Legislation and select “Became Law.”  When I ran this, there were 156 items in the results list.
  • Select “Save this Search” from the upper left.
  • In the pop up add a Title and Description. Click Save.
  • Then click “Get alerts” after it has been saved.


Click “Get alerts” and confirm.

This Saved Search Alert leverages the legislation search.

The Saved Search Alerts also work well for the Congressional Record.  You can set up an alert to let you know when a specific word or phrase is mentioned in the Congressional Record.  For example, I helped George set up a Saved Search Alert for mentions of Egypt in the Congressional Record.  My personal favorite is one I set one up to send me an email any time “Library of Congress” is mentioned (which you can replace with a name or phrase of your choice).

A big tip is to make sure you set the Sort to Newest to Oldest.  That way when you get the email alert and click the link, you can see what is new at the top of the list.  When you do a normal search on, the default is Relevancy.  I try to avoid saving a search sorted by Relevancy because it is much harder to determine what is new to the list when you receive the email than Newest to Oldest.

Sample Saved Search Alert Email
Sample Saved Search Alert Email

This is the first iteration of our Saved Search Alerts and one more to add to our growing RSS and Email Alerts page.  Please let us know what you think!

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