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Additional Historical Statutes at Large Added to

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Two years ago we added historical Statutes at Large to our Digitized Material page. Years 1789-1950 have been available there in a large PDF download, but we have been working steadily to add more functionality to the website.

salWe continue to add details to each Congress page that show the titles and dates of each statute, along with a smaller download for just that statute. Currently, we have years 1826-1919 (Congresses 19-65) available with chapter details. Years 1919-1923 (Congresses 66 and 67) will be posted by the end of 2016. And then we will continue to fill in the gaps in our coverage.

c40Be sure to read our Beginner’s Guide to Federal Statutes for more information on tracking down statutes and my previous blog post that will remind you how to best search the statutes.

And a special thanks to all of the interns, volunteers, and employees that have helped add the metadata to make this addition of the statutes possible: Latesha McCalip, Faith Hamby, Allegra Chilstrom, Everett Wiggins, Emily Johnson, Ashley Breymaier, Kevin Sitarski, Jennifer Proctor, Sara Hoover, Laura Fry and Megan Martinsen.

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  1. What about the statutes at large for 2012-2016 and 2017?

    • Thank you for your question! GPO’s bound volumes, which end with 2011, are supplemented by the Public and Private Laws page of Govinfo.

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