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Most Viewed Global Legal Monitor Articles of 2016

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The beginning of a new year is often a time for looking back and evaluating the work done in the previous one. Here at In Custodia Legis, we like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the Law Library’s popular online products. Andrew wrote about the Law Library reports and bills on Congress.Gov with the most views in 2016. Kelly will publish her post on the top In Custodia Legis blog posts in 2016 tomorrow. Today, it is my turn to highlight our most popular Global Legal Monitor (GLM) articles.

Globe Outside the Law Library Reading Room. (photo by Chris Carlson)
Globe Outside the Law Library Reading Room. (photo by Chris Carlson)

As our regular readers know, the Global Legal Monitor is a leading source of information regarding legal developments around the world. The GLM had another great year in 2016; we published 485 articles in 2016, slightly more than in 2015.

The GLM is a great resource for researching and learning about foreign law. Researching the laws and legal systems of the world can be difficult, particularly those of jurisdictions that do not consistently publish laws online or for which there are limited commercial or noncommercial databases. This problem can particularly arise when a researcher is seeking to locate a recently adopted law, amendment, or court ruling. The GLM can help! It is updated daily and can be browsed or searched by jurisdiction, topic, and author. A researcher can, therefore, learn about legal developments within one jurisdiction or do a comparative study by looking at developments in a subject area for multiple jurisdictions.

As with In Custodia Legis, GLM articles can remain, or suddenly become, popular some years after they are published. The following is a list of the Global Legal Monitor articles from all years with the most views in 2016:

  1. Georgia: New Visa and Migration Rules (2014)
  2. South Korea: Permanent Dual Nationality Allowed after 60 Years (2010)
  3. Nigeria: Supreme Court Invalidates Igbo Customary Law Denying Female Descendants the Right to Inherit (2014)
  4. Turkey: New Minimum Wage (2016)
  5. U.N. Human Rights Council: First Resolution on Internet Free Speech (2012)
  6. Bangladesh: Sixteenth Amendment to Constitution Empowers Parliament to Impeach Justices (2014)
  7. Kenya: Comprehensive Marriage Law Enacted (2014)
  8. India: Cabinet Has Approved Amendments to Child Labor Law (2015)
  9. South Korea: Controversial Anti-Corruption Law Promulgated (2015)
  10. New Zealand: Animal Welfare Legislation Recognizes Animals as Sentient, Bans Cosmetic Testing (2015)

There are multiple ways to access GLM articles. You can do so by going to the Law Library’s website. You can also sign up to receive email alerts or subscribe to the RSS feeds. In addition, GLM articles are available through tweets from the Law Library’s Twitter account, @LawLibCongress, or by searching for the #GlobalLegalMonitor hashtag.

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