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Welcome Jane Sánchez, the New Law Librarian of Congress!

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One week ago Jane Sánchez succeeded Roberta Shaffer as the Law Librarian of Congress. Roberta was the 22nd Law Librarian of Congress and was followed by David Mao.  David was subsequently followed by Roberta again, which makes Jane the 25th Law Librarian of Congress.

Jane Sánchez. Photo by Shawn Miller.
Jane Sánchez. Photo by Shawn Miller.

At a recent meet-and-greet between Jane and the Law Library of Congress staff, she described her background working at different libraries, and said that her true interest has always been in the law.

She also said that one theme throughout her career has been to look for continuous improvement and ways to create greater efficiency.

At the U.S. Department of Justice she helped to centralize their ten libraries.  She worked to minimize the duplication between them and purchased digital subscriptions with the savings.  While also at the Department of Justice, Jane first began working with our foreign law specialists, who assist executive branch agencies with requests.

Before coming to the Law Library, Jane was the chief of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division at the Library of Congress.  She has previously worked in the legislative branch as the Director of Library Services & Content Management at the U.S. Government Publishing Office.

Please join us in welcoming Jane!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, and please extend a welcome from one efficiency aspirationalist to another.


  2. Congratulations! As a former DOJ librarian, I worked with Jane briefly and appreciated her focus on improving efficiency. Best wishes in leading this very important institution!

  3. Congratulations!

    Sangduen, from Senate Library of Thailand

    New Law Librarian of Congress
    Washington, DC

    My Dear Ms. Sánchez:

    Much conscientious of how relevant the fountain of knowledge is safeguarded from generation to generation, the Library of Congress can only be defined as most treasured Alma Mater classic and academy enrichment may depend on.

    I’ve not doubt you’ll to the best of your abilities, honor your disciplined and enthusiastic successors embracing thoroughly encouraged mystic, for every librarian dedication as valuable as each written book.

    Ramón D. Js. Polanco R.
    Santiago, DR
    14 Febrero 2017

  5. The time to shine in law!Greatness just arrived,just in time.Best of luck.

  6. On behalf of the Standing Committee of the Law Library of Congress of the American Bar Association, we are delighted that Ms. Sanchez will be the Law Librarian of Congress. We are grateful for the service of Roberta Shaffer and David Mao as well. It is a huge honor to work with such magnificent scholars/leaders! Sheila Hollis
    Chair of the Standing Committee

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