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Children’s Rights in the Law Library and Children’s Day, June 1

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To secure the basic needs of children, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on November 20, 1989, the 30th anniversary of its Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The Convention went into force on September 2, 1990 when enough nations ratified it. Currently, 196 nations have ratified the Convention, including many members of the United Nations.  Somalia became the latest country to ratify it in 2015. The CRC is the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history.

The Library of Congress has done a great deal to support Article 17 of the Convention which is the media-focused article that stresses the right of children to information and material and includes a requirement for the publication and dissemination of children’s books.


Two little girls in a park near Union Station, Washington, DC, 1944 [Office of War Information,]
Many Americans recognize Children’s Day on June 1, as do several other countries. A day dedicated to children and their legal rights is celebrated on many different days throughout the world, with November 20 being the other popular date for the holiday. At the Law Library, we will commemorate it today. We have published a number of reports and blog posts related to children’s rights, and developed a large collection of children’s rights related material here for our users to explore. We hope you’ll stop by our Children’s Rights display next time you’re in the Law Library Reading Room.

Law Library reports:

Children’s Rights: International Laws, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia and the United Kingdom. August 2007.

Laws on Children Residing with Parents in Prison. July 2015.

Citizenship Based on Birth in Country. May 2012.

Constitutional Right to an Education in Selected Countries. May 2016.

Adoption Law in Turkey and the United States. June 2015.

Provisions on Child Abduction in Non-Hague Countries. May 2015.

Family Reunification Laws in Selected Jurisdictions. July 2014.

Legal Requirements for Travel by Unaccompanied Minors. July 2014.

European Union: Status of Unaccompanied Children Arriving at the EU Borders. September 2014.

K707.H33 2004  Hague Convention on International Child Abduction: an analysis of the applicable law and institutional framework of fifty-one jurisdictions and the European Union.

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A sampling of our holdings in the stacks:

KQC145.M55 C47 2014  Children’s lives in an era of children’s rights : the progress of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Africa.

K639.A41989 C66 2014 La Convention internationale des droits de l’enfant (CIDE) : une convention particulière.

K639.C682 2012 Cotter, Anne-Marie Mooney. Little angels: an international legal perspective on child discrimination.

KSC154.2.D47 2013  Desafios: direitos das crianças na Guiné-Bissau.

KZ7150.G76 2012 Grover, Sonja C. Humanity’s children: ICC jurisprudence and the failure to address the genocidal forcible transfer of children.

K3248.C55 H37 2012  Harris-Short, Sonia. Aboriginal child welfare, self-government and the rights of indigenous children: protecting the vulnerable under international law. 

K639.A41989 I48 2016  Implementing Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: best interests, welfare and well-being.

K639.J39 2011 Jawharī, Najwān. al-Ḥimāyah al-duwalīyah li-ḥuqūq al-ṭifl fī al-ẓurūf al-istithnāʼīyah: dirāsah fī ḍawʼ aḥkām al-ʻurf al-duwalī wa-al-qānūn al-duwalī al-insānī .

K639.A41989 K35 2011  Kaime, Thoko. The Convention on the Rights of the Child: a cultural legitimacy critique.

KJK602.K78 2011 Kruger, Thalia. International child abduction: the inadequacies of the law.

K639.A41996 L69 2012  Lowe, N. V. (Nigel V.)  The 1996 Hague Convention on the Protection of Children.

KD779.L69 2016 Lowe, N. V. (Nigel V.). International movement of children: law, practice and procedure 2nd ed.

KD735.M327 2010  MacDonald, Alistair. The rights of the child: law and practice. 

K639.M39 2013  Mawlá, Muʼayyad Saʻd Allāh Ḥamadūn.  al-Masʼūlīyah al-duwalīyah ʻan intihāk ḥuqūq al-ṭifl fī ẓill al-iḥtilāl al-ḥarbī .

K639.M84 2005 Muḥammadayn, Sayyid. Ḥuqūq al-insān bayna al-naẓarīyah wa-al-taṭbīq fī majāl istirātījīyāt ḥimāyat al-ṭufūlah.

K639.N55 2013 Nilsson, Ann-Charlotte. Children and youth in armed conflict.

KKP515.5.P73 2012  Prawa dziecka: konteksty prawne i pedagogiczne.

K5295.R37 2013  Rao, Sunil Salankey. Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation:  public international law 1864-1950.

K639.R435 2013  Reconceptualizing children’s rights in international development: living rights, social justice, translations.

K639.R63 2014  Robitaille-Froidure, Amélie. Protection du mineur et liberté d’expression sur Internet: étude comparée des droits français et américain à l’aune du droit européen et international.

KKJ5515.5.S253 2012  Šalaševičiūtė, Rimantė. Vaiko teisės ir pareigos kasdieniame gyvenime.

KTL515.5.S33 2011 Schäfer, Lawrence Ivan. Child law in South Africa: domestic and international perspectives.

KNG1475.S33 2014  Schapper, Andrea. From the global to the local:  how international rights reach Bangladesh’s children.

K707.S38 2013  Schuz, Rhona. The Hague Child Abduction Convention: a critical analysis.

KJE5202.S668 2014 Smyth, Ciara. European asylum law and the rights of the child.

K639.A6 T46 2012 Temas de actualidad jurídica sobre la niñez.

K639.A6 V85 2012 Vulnerable children and the law: international evidence for improving child welfare, child protection and children’s rights.

K639.A35 Y68 2012  Youth rights: a sourcebook on international agreements. 

K639.Z395 2009 Zaynālī, Amīr Ḥamzah. Abʻād-i ḥuqūqī va jurmʹshinākhtī-i ḥimāyat az kūdakān va nawjavānān dar maʻraz̤-i khaṭa.

Any title from the series Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1574-8626), would be appropriate, for example:

Κ639.S26 2012 Sandifolo Kamchedzera, Garton. Article 5: the child’s right to appropriate direction and guidance.

K3255.S23 2012  Sacino, Sherry Wheatley. Article 17:  access to a diversity of mass media sources.

K1821.S94 2012  Swepston, Lee. Article 32: protection from economic exploitation.


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