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Interview with Elizabeth Graber, External Relations Intern

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Today’s interview is with University of California Washington Center (UCDC) intern, Elizabeth Graber, who is with the Law Library for the fall semester.

Elizabeth Graber standing in the great hall of the Library of Congress.
External Relations Intern, Elizabeth Graber. [Photo by Donna Sokol]
Describe your background.

I grew up in Capistrano Beach, California, a small beach town between San Diego and Los Angeles. My mom works as a school teacher and my dad as a cinematographer.  And I have one younger sister.

What is your academic/professional history?

I am currently enrolled at UC Santa Cruz, double-majoring in politics and film & digital media. In the past I’ve had the opportunity to write scripts and produce video media for several organizations with a focus on education, working with both video and photo editing software. I have also worked as a teacher’s aide at my university, giving students feedback on their writing assignments, as well as an instructor for younger kids in a program that emphasizes art education. I’ve always loved writing and creating content, and I consider myself really fortunate in that most of my experience has included aspects of creativity in it.

How would you describe your job to other people?

I am an intern with the Law Library, Office of External Relations, working on a promotional video project that showcases the Law Library, and highlights some key aspects of the work that is done within the Library of which the general public may not be aware. I am currently drafting the shooting scripts for each segment of the overview video, and I will also be assisting with setting up shooting locations, filming, providing captions for the videos, and other logistics.

Why did you want to work at the Law Library of Congress?

The sheer breadth of resources housed in the Law Library is mind-boggling. I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to, and learn more about, an institution that dedicates itself to preserving and making accessible such a vast collection of historical materials to Congress, government agencies, and people all over the world.

What is the most interesting fact you’ve learned about the Law Library?

The Law Library’s collection is so extensive that occasionally the materials from any given country may exceed those held in the country itself!

What’s something most of your co-workers do not know about you?

Where I grew up might give it away, but I really like to surf! Growing up near the water meant a lot of long days at the beach and a lot of sunburns.

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