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An Interview with Ammar Alsallumi, Foreign Law Intern

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Today’s interview is with Ammar Alsallumi, a foreign law intern working with George Sadek on research related to the laws of Arabic-speaking countries.

Describe your background. What is your academic/professional history?

I obtained my bachelor degree in law (LL.B) from the Islamic University of Medina located in al-Medina al-Mounaura, West of Saudi Arabia. During my undergraduate studies, I co-founded a small technology company in Saudi Arabia called Technology Solutions of MKAN. The experience of creating a small company furthered my interest in pursuing a career in business law. As soon as I graduated from law school, I began working as a legal assistant at Taiba Holding Company, a public corporation in Saudi Arabia. Through my time at Taiba, I acquired first-hand legal experience in the company’s business practices and legal needs. In 2013, I was promoted to the position of corporate legal counsel. I was involved in the liquidation process of one of Taiba’s affiliated companies and helped to establish a subsidiary. The experience was a major stepping stone for me in securities and financial regulation. It also enhanced my interest to seek a master of advanced legal studies in this field. Accordingly, I decided to pursue an L.L.M. degree in the United States.

Ammar Alsallumi standing outdoors next to a stone wall with a palm tree and bushes in the background.
Ammar Alsallumi, intern with the Law Library Global Legal Research directorate. Photo courtesy of Ammar Alsallumi.

Soon after my arrival in the U.S., I enrolled at Boston University Center for English Language, where I took intensive academic English and business classes until the end of 2015. After that, I moved to Los Angeles and attended the legal English summer program (pre-LL.M.) at the University of Southern California, School of Law. The program provided me with a general understanding of U.S. laws and essential English language legal vocabulary. I then moved to Washington, D.C. where I am now pursuing my LL.M. degree at Georgetown University Law Center, specializing in securities and financial regulation.

How would you describe your job to other people?

I work as a legal intern at the Law Library of Congress. I am specifically assigned to conduct legal research on the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC). Also, I have contributed articles regarding new legal developments in the Gulf countries to the Law Library’s Global Legal Monitor.

Why did you want to work at the Law Library of Congress?

The Law Library of Congress has unparalleled resources. I feel lucky to be working in this prestigious institution. I am able to utilize valuable resources that have helped me sharpen and strengthen my legal knowledge by enhancing my understanding of domestic and foreign laws.

What is the most interesting fact you have learned about the Law Library of Congress?

It is fascinating for me to see how the community relies on the legal knowledge provided by the Law Library. I found out that the Law Library provides legal studies and resources to all federal agencies as well as reference services to the public.

What’s something most of your co-workers do not know about you?

I am a web developer and a daily online chess player.

Comments (4)

  1. I would love to see these types of interviews happen with other LC staffers outside the Law Library. These are great!

  2. Such an entertaining interview with a young brilliant jurist! I’ve been glad to know Ammar during my stay in DC: the research he’s carrying out at the LoC is extremely interesting.
    I wish all the best to him!

    I send my regards to the LoC which is an incredible mine of gold of legal resources, with a qualified and gentle personnel. A valuable experience during every Law student’s pathway.

  3. I’ve known Ammar since one year now, starting during my LLM period at Georgetown University Law center. I am really delighted to see this article and Ammar is one of the most driven, hard working and diligent individual I’ve had the honor of knowing. His clarity of thought about the subjects he’s pursuing and his modest and humble demeanor is unparallalled. The Library of Congress is a great institution in itself and it can benefit a lot from contributions towards the field of legal research from students like Ammar.

  4. Amazing, go Ammar!
    Feeling honored to know you 🙂

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