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The Library of Congress Welcomes the 116th Congress – Pic of the Week

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Last week the 116th Congress was sworn in.  We were busy working to prepare to include all the members.

If you happen to visit the House Office Buildings, you might see this image on the screens sharing the Library of Congress welcome for the 116th Congress.

A screen at the Library of Congress says "The Library of Congress Welcomes the 116th Congress. How can we help you? Congressional Research Service,, Book loans, Constituent services, and more..."
The Library of Congress Welcomes the 116th Congress

If you are interested, you can read the Congressional Research Service Reports that we have added to

If you are new to, we have nine legislative process videos to help give an overview of how Congress works.  If you have specific legislation or a member that you would like to follow, create an account and select “Get alerts” from below the title of the legislation or member name.

These are just a few of the ways that the Law Library and the Library of Congress are here to serve Congress.

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