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Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols New, Tip, and Top for March of 2019

Posted by: Robert Brammer

In February, Andrew announced that the Chamber of Origin filter on search results has been moved higher on the page and is now open by default so you can quickly limit your results to measures from one chamber. So, what is new for March? New Enhancements for March 2019 Enhancement – House Bills to be …

The Law on Establishment of a Law School in Iceland (Lov om Oprettelse af en Lovskole i Island)(Nr. 6 Lov af 4de Marts 1904). Photo by Donna Sokol.

115 Years of Legal Education in Iceland

Posted by: Elin Hofverberg

One hundred and fifteen years ago today, on March 4, 1904, the Danish King Christian IX (the “parent-in-law of Europe”) signed a law to establish an Icelandic Law School in Reykjavik. The law was signed after Iceland gained home rule in 1904 and before it gained its independence in 1944 and can be seen as …