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A Recording of the 2020 Constitution and Citizenship Day Lecture with Michael J. Murphy is Now Available

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On September 17, 2020, Michael J. Murphy, a historical publications specialist with the Office of the Historian for the United States House of Representatives, provided a lecture for the Constitution and Citizenship Day celebration titled, “The Bulwark of Freedom”: African-American Members of Congress and the Constitution During Reconstruction.” Michael discussed the lives of the first African American members of Congress and the challenges they faced, focusing in particular on Rep. Joseph Rainey of South Carolina.  Jane Sánchez, the deputy librarian of Congress for collections and services and law librarian of Congress, provided the opening remarks; Jeanne Dennis, the acting assistant director for the American Law Division of the Congressional Research Service, provided closing remarks. Jeanne also invited attendees to explore the new enhancements for the Constitution Annotated site, a document written by the Congressional Research Service that provides summaries of U.S. constitutional provisions and the leading U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have interpreted them.

You can watch a recording of the lecture here:

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