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New “Past Presentations” Webpage in Legal Research Institute

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Today marks the last webinar of 2020 for the Law Library, but don’t fear! We have created a new webpage so that you will be able to enjoy a selection of our past presentations again and again!

We have expanded our previous “webinar archive” to include many of our past presentations. On this page, we will include the PowerPoint slides or program booklets from the presentations, as well as links to recordings as available. Webinar recordings are added once processed and captioned, so periodically check for more content.

This is a screenshot of the homepage of the Legal Research Institute's Past Presentations page with a logo at the top, links to other pages below, a table of contents to the content below, and a picture of the first webinar under "United States Law" with a play button.
A screenshot of the new Past Presentations landing page, Legal Research Institute
The logo for the Library of Congress Legal Research Institute has words in black and orange and substitutes the top half of James Madison for the "I" in "Library of Congress"
Law Library of Congress Legal Research Institute

This has been a banner year for webinars at the Law Library. We introduced the Legal Research Institute webpages to more quickly and easily connect patrons to our educational presentations and resources. We had 11 foreign law webinars that covered BREXIT, elections and campaign financing, artificial intelligence, international organizations, and of course, the responses to COVID-19 and the pandemic health emergencies. We held over 20 webinars on United States law, spanning case law, federal statutes, tracing federal regulations, Law Library collections, and

The new “Past Presentations” webpage also allows us to highlight other presentations for which the recording is not available. We have included PowerPoint materials from our presentations on the Serial Set Digitization and the Foreign Legal Gazettes. We also have the program available for our annual Law Day Program and links to our Human Rights Day, Constitution Day, and the Kellogg Lecture presentations.

As we prepare for the 2021 webinar season, what topic would you like to see covered in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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