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An Interview with Lindsay Braddy, Head of the Law Cataloging Team

This interview is with Lindsay Braddy, section head of the Law Section of Library Services’ Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access Directorate, U.S. Programs, Law & Literature Division. Lindsay is new to the Library, and she runs the section that is responsible for cataloging all new law titles. She and her staff make access to our collection […]

RECAP: Lunch & Learn Webinar: A Conversation with the Herencia Crowdsourcing Interns

In March 2021, the Law Library of Congress celebrated the first anniversary of the crowdsourcing campaign, Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents. Herencia became the first ever crowdsourcing campaign in By the People in a language other than English. This rare collection of Spanish legal documents from the 15th to 19th centuries includes royal decrees, […]

New Multinational Report on the Acquisition of Citizenship through International Adoption

This is a guest post by George Sadek, a foreign law specialist with the Global Legal Research Directorate of the Law Library of Congress. George has contributed a number of posts to this blog, including posts on The Trial of Seif al Islam al Gaddafi, Controversy Over New Egyptian Law that Regulates the Construction of Churches, and […]

Explore Congressional Reactions to Historic Events on Congress.gov

The Congress.gov team has received feedback requesting that we add content from prior congresses to the Congressional Record and public law text collections. We are pleased to announce that we have made substantial progress on this request. The Bound Congressional Record collection now goes back to the 82nd Congress (1951-1953) and the full text of […]

Talbot County Courthouse – Pic of the Week

I recently visited the town of Easton, Maryland, on a day trip. Here, situated on a quintessential main street, the Talbot County courthouse offers visitors a place to sit and take in the beautiful courtyard, as well as some rich history. Today, the courthouse, originally built in 1794, not only houses the chambers and courtrooms […]

Join Us for our Upcoming Webinar: “Brazilian Criminal Procedure Law: Is a Criminal Conviction Really Enforceable?”

Join us on Thursday, April 22, at 2:00PM EDT for a new Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar, Brazilian Criminal Procedure Law: Is a Criminal Conviction Really Enforceable? Criminal prosecution in Brazil has always been the subject of great controversy. Conflicting interpretations of the law by the superior tribunals in recent high profile cases have disrupted […]