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Meet the Remote DRD Interns! (4 of 4)

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This is the final part of our four-part mini-series containing mini-biographies of the summer remote interns working with the Digital Resources Division. (Read parts one, two, and three if you missed them!)

The interns’ research and writing has been extraordinary and we can’t wait to share their work. Topics this summer have spanned pigeons, alchemy, tacos, natural disasters, aviation, dueling, and monarchies. Some interns focused on the history of and major legislation on mental health, disabilities, indigenous people, immigration, LGBTQ people, education, and minority rights and movements. Several looked at issues related to copyright, censorship, and obscenity. National parks, animals, mineral lands, and the Civilian Conservation Corps were also popular topics.

One intern focused on Antarctica while another focused on the Arctic and another looked at Alaska, for what will certainly be an interesting foil. In this summer of the Olympics and a pandemic, both sports and public health were also popular topics. Finally, a few interns looked at other topics, including the journey and ownership of a museum object; death, funerals, and burying rituals; and the intersection of architecture, accessibility, and historic places with the advent of universal design.

Headshot of Peter Ramsey.
Peter Ramsey. Photo by Peter Ramsey.

Please look for these blog posts by the interns in the coming months!

Peter Ramsey (they/them) is an M.L.I.S. student at the University of Washington, currently living in Buffalo, New York. They are interested in the possibilities of information work as art, and vice versa.

Headshot of David Revzin.
David Revzin. Photo by David Revzin.


David Revzin is an M.L.I.S. student at Simmons University in Boston. his prior research positions include the Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative at Georgia State University and the Sidanius Intergroup Relations Lab at Harvard University. David’s project at the Law Library of Congress is part of his work to better understand the interwoven nature of geopolitics, governance, and information institutions in the Arctic.

Zoe Roden seated with mountains and a stream in the background.
Zoe Roden. Photo by Vega Shah.


Zoe Roden is currently pursuing her B.A. in art history and humanities at the University of Texas at Austin, where she is exploring the many intersections between art and the law. Her past professional experiences include curatorial and collections positions with various art and performance institutions, as well as archival and cataloging work. This summer, she is exploring the legal history of ballet using the vast resources and collections at the Library of Congress.

Headshot of Javier Rodriguez Rivas.
Javier Rodriguez Rivas. Photo by Javier Rodriguez Rivas.

Javier Rodriguez Rivas is from Puerto Rico. He is currently an undergraduate student at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Guayama Campus, where he is the elected president of the student council. His passion for libraries was born when he started working at the Center of Access of Information in the special collection known as the Sala Palesiana of Luis Pales Matos. This historical collection has rare manuscripts, unique poetry drafts, personal items of the Pales Matos Family, and the mortuary mask of Luis Pales Matos, constituting the most complete history of Don Luis Pales Matos and his family. Javier plans to pursue a master’s degree in library and information science.

Headshot of Ailbhe Rogers.
Ailbhe Rogers. Photo by Ailbhe Rogers.


Ailbhe Rogers is a 2021 remote intern for the Law Library of Congress’s Digital Resources Division. She is from Dublin, Ireland, and is currently pursuing a law degree from Dublin City University. She enjoys traveling, graphic design, reading, and participating in mock trial competitions.

Headshot of Annie Ross.
Annie Ross. Photo by Andrea Ross.


Annie Ross is a third-year political science and international studies double major at Northwestern University. Along with her remote internship for the Law Library of Congress, she is working this summer at her university’s library as a print collections assistant and engaging in independent research around women’s stories that have been lost to history. She currently resides just outside of Chicago and enjoys writing, volunteering at a local dog rescue, and spending time outdoors.

Headshot of Abby Sachar.
Abby Sachar. Photo by Sarah Sachar.


Abby Sachar (she/her) is a rising junior at Cornell University pursuing a double major in government and statistical science. During the past academic year, she worked as a social media intern for a non-profit organization and collaborated with other students to increase civic engagement across campus. She is very excited to conduct research this summer!

Alya J. Sarna standing with trees in the background.
Alya J. Sarna. Photo by J. S. Sarna.


Alya J. Sarna has a master’s degree in sociology from Columbia University. She is fond of studying history, visiting museums, and expanding her horizons. In addition to doing this internship, she is employed full-time as a writer. She seeks to explore and work within the realm of information and hopes her work makes an impact on those that come across it.

Tucker Shuff holding the book "1984" with bookshelves in the background.
Tucker Shuff. Photo by Traci Meyer-Gould.


Tucker Shuff is a digital and creative publications intern with the Law Library. He is a student of Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, and will graduate with a B.A. in communications with a minor in psychology in May 2023. His interests within the Law Library primarily involve creative works such as film and literature and the ways in which they impact society and vice versa. Tucker intends to pursue a career in the media sector post-graduation, hoping to find work in the film and television industry.

Headshot of Audrey Spann.
Audrey Spann. Photo by Haley Spann.


Audrey Spann graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in history and is currently pursuing a master’s degree. For the last year she has been continuing her capstone seminar research on women shoplifters in the 1800s. In her free time she is a freelance editor and website content creator. She is excited to intern for the Law Library of Congress this summer specifically to create a story map and blog posts that revolve around the Rogue’s Gallery.

Makaela Stevens seated with bookshelves in the background.
Makaela Stevens. Photo by Emily Glenn, Mackenzie Tezak, or Caroline Pearson.


Makaela Stevens is a member of the K.U. Legal Education Accelerated Degree program and will be starting law school at the University of Kansas School of Law in the fall of 2021. She will be receiving her B.A. in English literature from Kansas State University following her first semester of law school. As well as interning at the Law Library of Congress, she is spending the summer working at her local public library. She enjoys reading and playing the piano in her free time.


Jamie Thompson is a full-time graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in library and information science from Simmons University. She recently received her bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing from the State University of New York at Oswego. Her interests include research on new and interesting topics, reading, writing, and cooking.

Carley Townsend standing with a gray wall in the background.
Carley Townsend. Photo by Carley Townsend.


Carley Townsend is a digital storyteller from Buffalo, New York, with a B.A. from Kenyon College in French and Mandarin Chinese. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, she is remotely working on a documentary film featuring historical Black churches in Mount Vernon, Ohio, as well as interning at Whitebox, a nonprofit multimedia gallery in the Lower East Side of New York City. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to weave together archives and share stories with the Law Library of Congress this summer!

Headshot of Sarai Valles-Alberto.
Sarai Valles-Alberto. Photo by Sarai Valles-Alberto.


Sarai Valles-Alberto is currently a senior at George Mason University pursuing a B.A. in global affairs with a concentration in global governance. Along with her interest in global politics, she enjoys painting and taking care of her many plants. This summer she is spending her time at home with her siblings and dogs.

Headshot of William K. Varesio.
William K. Varesio. Photo by William K. Varesio.


William K. Varesio currently studies English literature as an undergraduate at Saint Vincent College. His concentration in such literature is romanticism, and he intends to continue his study of romantic literature in graduate school. In addition to his internship position with the Law Library of Congress, William holds a similar position with Eulalia Books – a small-press publisher of translated poetry. In other respects, he is a writer, a frequent tea drinker, and a friend to insects and other invertebrates (and some people too). Though he has yet to choose a career path, he hopes that his eventual path of choice will lead him to teach in some capacity.

Headshot of Benjamin Walter-Range.
Benjamin Walter-Range. Photo by CJ Walter.


Benjamin Walter-Range is an American citizen born in Ireland, so developed a love for history at an early age. He followed through with that love by obtaining masters degrees in public history and in library and information science. He has worked in a number of historical institutions such as the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Benjamin enjoys building anime robot models and gaming.

Headshot of Sarah Walters.
Sarah Walters. Photo by Sarah Walters.


Sarah Walters is from the Portland, Oregon, metro area. Sarah is an M.L.I.S. student at San José State University, and she is the assistant blog editor for S.J.S.U.’s Special Libraries Association Student Chapter. She plans to graduate in December 2021. This is Sarah’s second remote internship with the Law Library of Congress. In summer semester 2021, she is a research for data and creative digital publications intern, and in spring semester 2021, she was a metadata intern for the Statutes at Large project. In 2011, Sarah earned a bachelor of arts in journalism from the University of Oregon. Her work has been published in print and online for music magazines, an entertainment news website, a radio station, a law school alumni magazine, a community newspaper, student magazines, and a campus newspaper.

Headshot of Nikki Werner.
Nikki Werner. Photo by Nikki Werner.


Nikki Werner is an M.L.I.S. candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park. Legal research is new to her, but she has availed herself of the vast amount of resources and support offered by the creative team. This experience has been challenging but Nikki enjoys conducting research and is relishing the opportunity to create engaging content for the public using the largest collection in the world.

Headshot of Ryan Winegardner.
Ryan Winegardner. Photo by Paige Dipirro.


Ryan Winegardner is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia. His writing has been featured in the Virginia Literary Review, the Fralin Museum of Art’s Writer’s Eye, and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. He spends his Thursday nights presenting for the Washington Literary Society.


Headshot of Zak Zeledon.
Zak Zeledon. Photo by Andrew Uhrig.

Zak Zeledon (he/him) is a current undergraduate student at William & Mary where he is pursuing a degree in international relations (B.A.) and a minor in anthropology. As an intern this summer, he is researching the history of remittances with aspects that include immigration law, and the economic impact on the U.S. and abroad. During the academic year, Zak is a research assistant at the Geospatial Evaluation and Observation Lab and the digital director of ROCKET Magazine, William & Mary’s premier art, fashion, and culture publication. He likes to explore new cities, try new recipes, and idle through art museums.

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