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Rainbows in DC – Pic of the Week

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Bibliography curated by Alexander Salopek, a collection development specialist in the Collection Services Division of the Law Library of Congress. He previously wrote posts on Theodore Roosevelt and Marriage Equality in the U.S.

October commemorates LGBTQIA+ History Month, a perfect time to provide an update on the Law Library’s recent LGBTQIA+ acquisitions.

Photo of the U.S. Capitol building taken from the East side. The sky is an early morning gradient of pink and pale blue, casting the Capitol building and its surroundings in a pinkish glow. A thin rainbow arches fully above the Capitol building in the clear sky, peaking above the dome.
A photo of a rainbow over the U.S. Capitol building during an early morning commute to the Library, just after sunrise. Photo by Bailey DeSimone.

In the past year, the Law Library has added many new resources to its foreign law collections. To learn more about navigating LGBTQIA+ resources at the Law Library, our beginner’s LibGuide to LGBTQIA+ legal research is a great place to start.

The Library’s LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive is another great collection to pair with LGBTQIA+ legal history research. If you are in the DC area, the “gay corner” of the Congressional Cemetery is another interesting way to engage with history during this month. The skies over Capitol Hill one early fall morning seemed to celebrate as well.

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