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Pride Month Bibliography

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June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Pride Month. It was chosen as the month we observe this celebration because of the Stonewall Uprising on June 28, 1969. Stonewall was a watershed for gay rights activism and recognition of the way people live their lives. Since then, there have been improvements in LGBTQI civil rights in the United States, such as in relation to marriage, adoption, federal employment, military service, employment, and more. However, there is always room for advancement in equal rights for all. We hope that readers and law researchers find this list of newer acquisitions (last five years) useful as they study, write, and advocate on this issue.

People wearing pink shirts march down a street carrying rainbow flags and gay pride signs.
   Pride Parade 2019, August 5, 2019. [Photo by Flickr user GoToVan. Used under CC 2.0 license.]
Happy Pride Month!

LGBTQI Law Resources

KNS2108.M88 2021 Mutinies for equality: contemporary developments in law and gender in India / edited by Tanja Herklotz, Siddharth Peter De Souza.

KF8776.R33 2018   Race, gender, sexuality, and the politics of the American judiciary / edited by Samantha L. Hernandez and Sharon A. Navarro.

K3230.R45 W469 2021  Wessels, Janna. The concealment controversy: sexual orientation, discretion reasoning and the scope of refugee protection.

KF3467.5.P54 2022  Pierceson, Jason. Before Bostock: the accidental LGBTQ precedent of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins.

HQ73.3.U6 N38 2021  Naylor, Lorenda A.  LGBTQ rights and social equity: dismantling discrimination and expanding civil rights

KF9325 .V64 2021 Vogler, Stefan. Sorting sexualities : expertise and the politics of legal classification.

K5194 .R47 2020 Research handbook on gender, sexuality and the law / edited by Chris Ashford, Alexander Maine.

KF4755 .M37 2020 McClain, Linda C. Who’s the bigot? learning from conflicts over marriage and civil rights law.

K670 .R69 2019 The Routledge handbook of international family law / edited by Barbara Stark and Jacqueline Heaton.

KDK170 .L39 2021 Law, responsibility, and vulnerability :  state accountability and responsiveness /  edited by James Gallen and Tanya Ni Mhuirthile.  (has chapters devoted to LGBTQ law)

K3242.3 .T46 2021 Temperman, Jeroen. Religious speech, hatred and LGBT rights: an international human rights analysis.

K3242.3 .R35 2020 Raj, Senthorun Sunil. Feeling queer jurisprudence: injury, intimacy, identity.

KHD3009.G38 P437 2020 Pedra, Caio Benevides. Direitos LGBT: a LGBTfobia estrutural e a diversidade sexual e de gênero no direito brasileiro.

K5194 .R47 2020 Research handbook on gender, sexuality and the law / edited by Chris Ashford, Alexander Maine.

KNX2467.G39 L44 2019 LGBT o meguru hō to shakai / Taniguchi Hiroyuki.

KNX1326 .F87 2019 Fuse, Naoharu. Kaisei Josei katsuyaku suishinhō tō to kakushu harasumento taiō: 2019-nen hōkaisei taiō pawahara, sekuhara, matahara, patahara, LGBT jitsumu taiō.

KF380 .D74 2019  Drenner, Karla. Social jurisprudence in the changing of social norms: emerging research and opportunities.

KJC5144.W65 S86 2019 Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh. Courting gender justice: Russia, Turkey, and the European Court of Human Rights.

KD8075 .S358 2019 Scott, Catherine. To deprave and corrupt: obscenity battles in British law and culture.

KHD5586 .S268 2019 Santana, Leonardo. O Estado laico no confessionário: o debate sobre a criminalização da homofobia e da transfobia.

KF4754.5 .L495 2018 LGBTQ+ (1923-2017) / editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD.

KF4754.5 .A93 2018 Adler, Libby S. Gay priori: a queer critical legal studies approach to law reform.

KSS210.7.G38 I83 2018 Isaack, Wendy. “Let posterity judge”: violence and discrimination against LGBT people in Malawi.

KHD2009.G38 C37 2018 Cardinali, Daniel Carvalho. A judicialização dos direitos LGBT no STF: limites, possibilidades e consequências.

LC212.92 .B52 2018 Biegel, Stuart. The right to be out: sexual orientation and gender identity in America’s public schools.

KTW420.6 .K56 2018  Kintu, Deborah. The Ugandan morality crusade: the brutal campaign against homosexuality and pornography under Yoweri Museveni.

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