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Improved Accessibility for Global Legal Monitor Articles

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The Global Legal Monitor is a publication of the Law Library of Congress that covers legal news and developments from around the world.

In an effort to ensure the Global Legal Monitor (GLM) is accessible to all of our patrons, we have added ReadSpeaker to each article. After you select an article, just click “listen to this page” at the top, left-hand side of the screen to have the article read aloud to you. You can also click on the downward facing arrow to download an MP3 audio file of the article that you can play on your phone or other audio device.

Please provide us with any feedback you might have on this feature in the comments. If you would like to subscribe to the Global Legal Monitor, please click here.

The shows a Global Legal Monitor article with a feature that will read an article aloud to the user.
Click “listen to this page” on a Global Legal Monitor article to have the article read aloud to you.

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  1. The Global Legal Moniter (GLM) is one of the most accessible forms of published laws for the free world.

    Thank you GLM for every legal and updated compilation!

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