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Archive: April 2023 (16 Posts)

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

Law Library of Congress Legal Reports – Now Available on HeinOnline

Posted by: Taylor Gulatsi

Among the many resources that the Law Library is renowned for is the preparation of legal reports on foreign, comparative, and international law topics. As we continue to publish contemporary and historical legal reports on on a weekly basis, the Law Library of Congress is proud to announce that our legal reports will now …

View of Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia. Photo by Robert Brammer.

Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia – Pic of the Week

Posted by: Jim Martin

Two hundred and fifty years ago on Monday, February 27, 1773, the building of an Anglican church was completed in Alexandria, Virginia. This particular church has historical importance because of its association with George Washington, local planter, commanding general of the Continental Army, president of the Constitutional Convention, and first President of the United States.  …

A historical bill text from the 10th Congress in April 2023 New, Tip, and Top – Part II

Posted by: Robert Brammer

Earlier this month, Andrew brought us news that the Bound Congressional Record on now provides coverage dating back to 1881. With this release, we are adding enhancements to our historical collection of bills, joint resolutions, and historical documents that was migrated to from the Library of Congress Century of Lawmaking site. Bills and …

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

A Conversation with the Law Librarian of Congress Aslihan Bulut and American Bar Association President Deborah Enix-Ross

Posted by: Robert Brammer

To kick off the celebration of Law Day, the Law Library of Congress and the American Bar Association are excited to bring you a conversation between the American Bar Association President Deborah Enix-Ross and the Law Librarian of Congress Aslihan Bulut. The topic of the conversation concerns this year’s Law Day theme, “Cornerstones of Democracy: Civics, Civility, and Collaboration.” We also want …