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Law Library of Congress Legal Reports – Now Available on HeinOnline

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Among the many resources that the Law Library is renowned for is the preparation of legal reports on foreign, comparative, and international law topics. As we continue to publish contemporary and historical legal reports on on a weekly basis, the Law Library of Congress is proud to announce that our legal reports will now also be accessible via HeinOnline. These reports are written by foreign law specialists at the Law Library and cover 300+ jurisdictions, addressing specific legal issues in a particular country or providing a comparative analysis of legal and legislative approaches to an individual problem across a multitude of countries. They are often written in response to requests from Congress or executive branch agencies and may be cited as expert resources. Some of the reports on the Law Library’s website date back to the 1940s, providing a historical glimpse into important legal questions from that time.

A view of the Hein-Online search engine in the Law Library of Congress Legal Reports database.
A view of the HeinOnline search engine in the Law Library of Congress Legal Reports database.


To access the Law Library of Congress Legal Reports when visiting HeinOnline, you can simply search “Law Library of Congress Legal Reports,” or browse the databases by name where the Law Library of Congress is currently at the bottom of the left column. From there, the Law Library legal reports can be accessed by browsing by title, author, or date. If browsing by title or author, the reports are categorized alphabetically from A to Z, starting with the title name or author’s last name depending on the search criteria selected. When searching by date, HeinOnline separates the legal reports into four categories, each category covering a 25-year period and are as follows: 1901-1925, 1926-1950, 1951-2000, and from 2001 to present. The oldest law report in the collection was published in 1911, and there are currently 4,000 legal reports published by the Law Library of Congress on HeinOnline.

The Law Library's Legal Reports are filtered to search by date in HeinOnline.
The Law Library’s Legal Reports are filtered to search by date in HeinOnline.


By adding these reports to HeinOnline, our hope is that more people will discover and utilize the original legal research prepared by the Law Library. Our legal reports will continue to be freely available on, but will now also be available in a curated collection available to HeinOnline subscribers.

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