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Midsommar Becomes Weekend Holiday in Sweden in 1953 – Pic of the Week

Posted by: Elin Hofverberg

A few weeks ago, on June 6, Swedes celebrated their national day, in remembrance of both Gustav Vasa being elected king on this date in 1523 and the adoption of the Constitution of 1809, establishing the constitutional monarchy. If you ask a Swede, however, it seems an even bigger celebration is actually Midsommarafton (Midsummer’s Eve), …

On this Day in 1523: Gustav Vasa Elected King – Happy 500, Sweden!

Posted by: Elin Hofverberg

    Today, June 6, Sweden celebrates 500 years as an independent nation. On June 6, 1523, Gustav Eriksson Vasa was elected king of Sweden at the assembly (riksmötet) in Strängsnäs, officially uniting Sweden under one king and ending forever the Kalmar Union that tied Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (including Finland) together under one monarch. …