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The logo of the Library of Congress.

Help the Library of Congress Create Video Games that Improve Public Knowledge of Civics

Posted by: Robert Brammer

The Friends of the Library of Congress are sponsoring a challenge to help improve public knowledge of civics–that is, the rights and responsibilities of citizens-by asking video games developers to create fun, lightweight video games related to civics that incorporate Library of Congress resources. This post describes the rules, deadline, and how to submit an entry.

The central image shows Congressman Elliott speaking from the floor of the House of Representatives. Hanging from the ceiling is a banner with a quotation from his speech: "What you give to one class you must give to all. What you deny to one class. You deny to all." Above are two Civil War scenes of black troops in action. On the left is a full-length statue of Abraham Lincoln, holding a bundle of arrows and his Emancipation Proclamation, standing before the U.S. Capitol. New, Tip, and Top – June 2023

Posted by: Robert Brammer

In the previous release, Andrew mentioned that the Bound Congressional Record on now provides coverage dating back to December of 1873. In this release, we have added labels to help the user distinguish between historical documents and historical bill texts. Search Tip Since the Bound Congressional Record now provides coverage dating back to December …