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Archive: November 2023 (18 Posts)

Image of a page opening revealing the title of Elements of the Law by Francis Hilliard resting on a book cradle

Collection Highlights: The Many Lawbooks of Francis Hilliard

Posted by: Nathan Dorn

In previous posts, I have highlighted collections related to some of the authors who had an outsized impact on the early history of American lawbooks in the 19th century. Among these, Joseph Story and James Kent certainly remain central to any retelling of American legal history. Lesser known, but important for his contributions to American …

The cover page of a 2023 Law Library of Congress report titled Impact of Translations of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

New Law Library Report Examines Cybersecurity Laws of Several Countries

Posted by: Kelly Buchanan

We know from our daily work that countries are influenced by the legal and policy approaches that are taken by other countries to different issues. For example, governments have considered, or are considering, developments in other jurisdictions in relation to the regulation of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. Sometimes, there are international agreements that are implemented into …