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Screenshot of the Find a Bill video New, Tip, and Top – June 2023, Part 2

Posted by: Andrew Weber

Robert shared about the release earlier this June. We have been hard at work with a new set of enhancements and behind the scenes improvements. The committee profile alerts have been updated to now include the bill sponsor when you are emailed. Now when you download your legislation search results you can check "Number of Related Bills" to have those included in your spreadsheet. It is also easier to search nominations using the PN numbers search box.

Screen shot of the Bound Congressional Record first page on December 1, 1873 of the Senate section

Bound Congressional Record Now Back to 1873 in

Posted by: Andrew Weber

Robert announced the our first Congress with the Bound Congressional Record, which is the 103rd, added to the site in the summer of 2020. Since then we have regularly been adding, testing, and reviewing additional Congresses all the way back to when the Bound Congressional Record started. We now have the Bound Congressional Record from the 46th to 103rd Congress on the site, which covers 1873 to 1994.