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Treatises on laws impacting libraries in the Law Library of Congress Reading Room. Photo by Sarah Friedman.

Law Library Collection Highlights: The Intersection Between the Law and Libraries

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While recently browsing the stacks in the Law Library reading room searching for treatises, I came across a couple books that caught my eye. As a legal reference librarian, I spend a lot of time thinking about the law and libraries, but not necessarily about how the two are connected. For that reason, The Law of Libraries and Archives and the Library’s Legal Answer Book piqued my interest.

Most libraries regularly deal with a variety of legal topics, including contracts, copyright, privacy, and employment law. These treatises provide an overview of the laws that library and information professionals frequently encounter.

[A woman talking notes and a man talking with another woman, in front of a card catalog at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.]. Library of Congress. Photoduplication Service. [ca. 1949]. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
Legal treatises are a great resource for learning about a specific area of the law. Although these two books are the only treatises inside the reading room on the subject, there are many other books about libraries and the law stored in the closed stacks. To find similar titles in the Library of Congress catalog, you can search by subject heading for:

  • Library legislation–United States.
  • Archives–Law and legislation–United States.
  • Librarians–Legal status, laws, etc.–United States.
  • School libraries–Law and legislation–United States.
  • Information services–Law and legislation–United States.

For more information about searching for materials in the catalog, see the Law Library of Congress bite-sized video “Searching the Library of Congress Catalog for Legal Materials.”

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